Giencia undertakes to reduce his ecological, economical and social print and leads its approach of business to a virtuous circle of sustainable development.

Aware of the ecological and social commitment challenge, we consider that every action done on its scale can develop the consciences toward sustainable future.

Eco responsability

Because the small brooks make the big rivers, Giencia commits daily to observe a responsible initiative in the management of its activity.

  • In order to reduce globaly our servers electricity consumption, we mutualize the internal services to optimize the operating time of the running machines.
  • Our non contractual documents are totally electronic to reduce paper consumption of our activity.
  • The vehicle movings are limited to strict necessary.
  • Rubbish sorting has been adopted on our working place and we pay attention to the systematic valuation of paper rubbish stemming from our activity.
  • Any electronic communication integrates a message to raise public awareness to eco responsability in order to broadcast to a large scale the basis of a sustainable behaviour.

Giencia surrounds with partners who are highly concerned by eco responsible principles. Our hosting partners work on the drastic reduction of their energy consumption and on the rationalization of this consumption in particular with virtualization solutions. A significant effort has been made for the reduction of electricity consumption of the cooling systems in server rooms.

Social commitment

secours populaire Because the precariousness and the social difficulties are realities against which we still have to fight, Giencia offers voluntary IT services to the Secours Populaire Fran├žais to take part in the remarkable work the association lavish.

Support their action with a donation.

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